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#1 2010-09-03 05:19:59


The offical death of the 22nd Regiment of Foot

This topic is here to announce if not already the death of the 22nd.

as posted on the website:

Well the 22nd is 100% dead we closed it because there is less than a day left for our payment and we dont see where this is going. so well its been fun and iv had a lot of fun but its time to close everything down. Thank you guys for your loyalty and your cooperation with the 22nd. It was really fun for me to be a part of this since day one. Nothing lasts forever and im sad to see this place go. goodbye everyone!

-Lt. Col. Robsterlob

Its sad to watch such a memarible team fall apart and will be a huge blow to see it go...

- Pfc. byebye


#2 2010-09-07 12:23:46


Re: The offical death of the 22nd Regiment of Foot

That's unfortunate. It seems now, that it won't effect anything within BG2. Could be just me, but I played it a couple times in the past months and it looks pretty much dying out.

Bye to {22nd} - We had many good funwars,

Be Blue !

- Call me upon your constellation, oh setter please if you find once.


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