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#1 2010-06-08 03:38:34


New thread by Codename:V

First of all, I didn't start that thread with intent on pissing anyone off, I was just asking about a rule. Everyone else was flaming in there, not me. I didn't accuse anyone of doing anything wrong, I was merely asking a question.  I was asking publicly ahead of time because that's what you have to do in this fucked up league to get an answer that can't be overturned on BGL night.

Second of all, Bro Clan asked Slash directly if we could change our roster names and he said it was fine. I also made my steam profile public just for you with "MY NAME IS CODENAME:V" as my headline so there won't be any confusion from now on. Also, you have been on my friends list for months so it's not hard for you to figure out who I am anyway.


#2 2010-06-08 03:52:32

BGL Head Admin

Re: New thread by Codename:V

I said roster names can be changed to their player's true aliases since all of them were completely made up. Since you people are not mature enough to do that, I did it for you. Thank you for your comprehension.


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