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#1 2010-05-18 17:52:22


New Forums~

Cool , Well lets get  the shenanigans started.

I have a complaint that is real and serious, I am not trying to "Troll" . this is real and it makes me mad that Death got away with it........

Death is a terrible admin, the other day he kept insisting that i was acting like a child until he rage quit steam (lol had this vision of a 50 year old man screaming at a 23 year old then running away crying)  . I guess acting like a child, as far as Death is concerned, is asking the official Admin to give an Un-bias ruling on a recent issue.

Ok here is the story, a player on a 2 week suspension used a fake name on IYM against OWN. We found out about it second round, stopped playing pretty much while i brought it up to Death ( you know he had just made a big stink against using fake aliases, not to mention Cruve was supposed to be on 2 week hold). Of course since IYM is in the same clan as Death, he did nothing. He gave the player (who could not letgally play for atleast another week anyways) a suspension..................... Wow once again another case of Admin abuse and Death changing the rules to fit his needs.

Anyways I just thought it was a nice story that everyone should hear, Death has lost every shred of decency he ever had and is 100 percent bias when it comes to decisions in the BGL.



#2 2010-05-18 20:10:09

BGL Head Admin

Re: New Forums~

Well there are two issues you brought up

1. Player was still under 2 week hold. I didn't hear if this was the case or not, so I can't comment. I should probably build this rule into the roster system to make it impossible to do so. I would like the rules to be consistent across divisions, however, so EU would have to adopt a similar policy.

2. Player used a fake alias. I know this did happen and was a rule infraction. However, we have to weigh what type of effect the infraction had to determine suitable punishment. That being said, it doesn't make sense to overturn a match because someone used an alias. Would the outcome be any different if he used his proper alias? No, it would be no different. It would not do justice to completely change the outcome of a match (forfeit) because of an infraction like that. However, suspending the player, suspending the clan, or giving the clan a strike are all fair punishments, depending on the situation.


#3 2010-05-18 20:19:50

BGL Head Admin

Re: New Forums~

With that being said, I don't think anything good can come of this topic, so I'm closing it.


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